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Kyra’s Shea Medleys | A Story on the Power of Manifestation

Do you want to know how we used manifestation/visualization to take our beauty care brand from my mother’s kitchen to the shelves of Target? It all began with a single picture... (Article Read Time: 5 mins)

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8 Celebs and Influencers Who Promote Natural Beauty

There are a number of celebrity women and beauty influencers who will inspire your natural beauty journey. Follow these black women as they encourage you to embrace natural hair and skincare.

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Back to School Means Back to Natural

August means it’s back to school time! Whether you are a high school student, college scholar or teacher, back to school means one thing, fresh and trendy hair. What better way to go back in style than by going back to school natural? Whether you are rocking box braids, locs or twists, you will look great on your first day. Check out these natural, back-to-school hair ideas.

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