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Kyra’s Shea Medleys | A Story on the Power of Manifestation

Do you want to know how we used manifestation/visualization to take our beauty care brand from my mother’s kitchen to the shelves of Target? It all began with a single picture... (Article Read Time: 5 mins)

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How a company from South Central LA snuck its way into Target

The image that changed it ALL for us. The top half of the picture you first see was taken in 2014. We were literally WISHING that we could sell in a store like Target. The bottom half is our products for sale on Target shelves in 2016. How did we go from a small company from South Central Los Angeles all the way to one

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Shopping Black-Owned Businesses for the Holidays!

We are so grateful to all of these companies and bloggers who have featured us in their black-owned holiday shopping lists. Thank you for uplifting black businesses and thank you for including Kyra's Shea Medleys among these amazing companies!   Saint Heron Instagram: @SaintHeron Article: The Mane Objective Instagram: @ManeObjective Article: Blavity Instagram: @Blavity Article: Black Book LA Instagram: @blackbookla_ LA Curly Girls Instagram: @LACurlyGirls Article: Jai Curls Instagram: @jaicurls Article: ENJOY and remember to save with our sales!   Receive up to 1,000 bonus points for supporting and contributing to our new venture, The Spot, the FIRST black-owned pop-up space and collective in the Inglewood, CA. Go to  

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