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Veganism is the new black! A Guide to Vegan Cosmetics

Have you seen "What the Health"? This new eye-opening and mind-blowing documentary exposes the truths within the food/meat industry. Many people have highly considered, if not already are, going vegan in all parts of their life including cosmetic and beauty care. As you may know, Kyra's Shea Medleys has stood for the Vegan and Cruelty-Free way since our launch back on September 29th, 2013. In addition to excellent service, we believe it is important to offer clean products that are natural, plant-based, and safe for the entire family. That is the kind of LOVE you will always get from KSM!

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We are angry...but we plan to do something about it! We do not normally post about subjects like this, but as a Black-owned and woman-owned company, we refuse to sit around and be silent about the realities we face as women of color. Here are the problems: FIRST, products made for us (especially Black women) were few, if not existent for the longest time. The noticeable increase of brands catered to women of color started in the early 2000s (around year 2005 and after). AND, mainstream media (i.e. TV, magazines, and other major beauty outlets) rarely featured women of color. This caused women of color to experiment with products that would lighten their darker skin and straighten their curls in hopes of looking...

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12 Ways to Use Your Favorite Butter Creams!

Every time we ask someone what they want from hair and skincare products, the answers always revolve around the same three topics: 1) feeling and looking healthier, 2) saving time, and 3) saving money. Well, you can get all of that and more with just ONE JAR of Butter Cream or Baby Butter from Kyra's Shea Medleys! 

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