History and Benefits of Shea Butter

Definition: Shea [shee, shey] n. – a tropical Afrikan sapotaceous tree with oily seeds; shea butter is the butter-like fat derived from the seeds of the Karité tree (also called the Mangifolia tree)

Botanical Name: Butyrospermum Parkii 

Benefits for Hair & Skin: 

Shea butter acts as a sensational natural moisturizer due to its essential fatty acids. Containing vital nutrients such as Vitamin A & E, it can be applied to damaged hair to repair and restore follicles. Shea butter also is wonderful in its ability to seal in moisture without weighing hair down. 

Due to shea butter being rich in essential fatty acids, combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, it serves as a great protectant against dry scalp, as well as certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As a result, shea butter also aids in reviving the scalp thus promoting hair growth.

Another benefit of fatty acids found in shea butter is its ability to restore skin's firmness and health. It has also been found to be a great natural anti-aging agent.

As you can see, shea butter is truly one of the best gifts nature has to offer and that's why we choose to use raw/unrefined shea butter in our natural hair butter creams and skin care medleys!

History: Shea Butter comes from the Karité Nut tree found in the wooded savannas of West and Central Afrika. West Afrikan women often call it the "tree of life" as all parts of the tree have some practical use from the bark and shell to the fruity/butter-like part of the shea nut. Afrikan women have been using shea butter for centuries in traditional medicine and for its cosmetic properties. They craft shea butter by hand as they gather, crack, grill, and crush the nuts until it yields the vegetable oil. There are no toxic chemicals or synthetics used during the extraction process and it typically has a mild nutty aroma. Shea butter has traditionally been used in soap-making, cooking, skin and hair care in the Afrikan culture.

*The raw/unrefined shea butter in Kyra's Shea Medleys is produced in Ghana. However, the shea tree is found in many countries throughout West, Central, and now East Africa, where shea butter is also produced.