KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards
KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards
KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards
KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards
KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards
KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards

KSM x October BLU Greeting Cards

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We have collaborated with Los Angeles local poet and author, October BLU, to create an amazing line of greeting cards to include in your KSM gift sets, but we figured you may want to include them in your orders in general and this option allows you to be able to handwrite and sign the greeting card if you want.

Each folded greeting card comes in a white envelope. Here are all of the greeting card messages:

"Happy Birthday" Card: You spend 364 days taking care of everyone else. But today is your day. Breathe, relax, and repeat. It's your birthday! Enjoy some Medleys from me.

"Congrats" Card: Sometimes it takes a village; Sometime it takes perseverance. No matter the journey you made it to the destination. This is just the beginning of your greatness. Congratulations!

"Happy Holidays" Card: It's the season to share the reasons we love each other. Happy Holidays! It's the Shea Butter for me.

"Self Care - Enjoy your Day" Card: Taking care of you shouldn't be a scheduled moment, it should be mandatory. Just a reminder...you are worth it.

"Thank You" Card: Because the words "Thank You cannot carry the weight of my gratitude, I'm sending you this gift to show you how much I appreciate you!

KSM Gives Back 

In return, you are not only blessing the receiver, but you are also donating products to a non-profit in need through our KSM Gives Back program. That's right, every greeting card purchased = Medleys donated! Thank you so much for helping us give back! - KSM Family


Size: 5.5" x 4"

Material: 14 pt Papyrus/Linen Paper

Weatherproof: No


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Certified Organic + Natural Ingredients

Plant-based + Eco-friendly

Certified Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Handcrafted with Love

Give Back with Every Purchase

Made in USA