7 Causes to Support this Giving Tuesday!

by Kyra Young on Nov 24, 2020

7 Causes to Support this Giving Tuesday!

KSM Gives Back

If you did not already know, every time you make a purchase of any Kyra's Shea Medleys beauty product, you are giving back to local nonprofits in need. Since we first started our business back in September 2013, KSM has donated over 6,000 Medleys, thousands of dollars, and volunteered our services for many organizations in the USA that you have chosen. We have supported causes from ending homelessness, breast cancer awareness, women empowerment, youth leadership and development, and so much more.

There is a lot going on this week from Thanksgiving to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, but please do not forget Giving Tuesday. We have compiled a list of seven nonprofit organizations and causes that you can support with your KSM purchases this week. Here are two ways to have your purchases count:

1) Referral Link: Below is the referral link for each org that is connected to their complimentary KSM SHEA-Bassador account. All you have to do is copy and paste their referral link into your browser and shop as normal (you can still use your Black Friday discount code as well). For every purchase made on a referral link, the org will receive a percentage of the proceeds of the sale directly.

2) Triple Donations: For any purchase you make on Giving Tuesday (December 1, 2020), we will TRIPLE the donations. For example, if you order one 4 oz Oil Medley, instead of donating 2 Medleys, we will donate x3 = 6 Medleys!

You're done. You get your favorite beauty products and you help someone in need as well. Here are the seven orgs (in no particular order):


1) Conscious Kids Library

CKL Mission Statement: We are an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth. We support organizations, families, and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in young children. For more info, visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:

(Shout out to the Teacher Care Crate for nominating Conscious Kids Library for our KSM Gives Back program)

2) Closed Eyes Open Heart

Closed Eyes Open Heart is on a mission to treat, educate, and empower transitional aged homeless youth in South Los Angeles. Our vision is to build a national nonprofit coalition dedicated to the development of innovative, effective, and sustainable social service programs that prevents and treats homelessness. For more info, visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:


South Cobb HS

3) South Cobb High School's Parent Teacher Student Association

South Cobb High School PTSA is a volunteer organization with the purpose and goal of helping parents, educators, students, and members of the South Cobb community to support their high school and to be active through volunteerism and educational initiatives. For more info, please visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:

(Shout out to customer Debbie for nominating South Cobb HS PTSA for our KSM Gives Back program) 


4) Natural-WE Community

NWC Missional Statement:  Natural-WE Community provides community programs and services that seeks to uplift, empower, encourage, heal and celebrate Black/African peoples. For more info, visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:

 PAC Angels Org

5) PAC Angels

PAC Mission Statement: Phenomenal Angels of the Community provides youth a cultural, informational and educational path to individual greatness. We provide workshops, activities and opportunities that facilitate cultural enrichment, effective communication, civic engagement and individual development. For more info, visit 

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:


Let's Care More Inc

6) Let's Care More, Inc.

LCM Mission Statement: With initiatives ranging from the delivery of care packages, to clothes drives to hyperlocal community events, we strive to restore humanity by creating opportunities to empower and help the less fortunate whenever, wherever and however we can. At Care More we believe that the purest form of love is doing for others. Our goal: bring joy to all walks of life through the art of giving while encouraging others to get involved, give back and simultaneously elevate their souls in the process. For more info, visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:

(Shout out to customer Shalema for nominating Let's Care More, Inc for our KSM Gives Back program. They are the November recipient of 400 Medleys)

 TALLOM Foundation

7) TALLOM Foundation

TALLOM Mission Statement: The This Awesome Little Light Of Mine Foundation provides ongoing education and support programming to at-risk girls and young women in Brooklyn, NY.  Through our work, we give our community’s youth the tools, experiences and resources they need to thrive academically and develop socially and emotionally providing them with a light to shine for years to come. For more info, visit

Shop with their KSM Referral Link:


This has all been possible through your kindness and support as well as our KSM Gives Back program, which we are currently working on turning into an official 501(c)3 nonprofit org (*fingers-crossed*).

Medleys purchased equals Medleys donated

Remember to look for this jar sign on your Medleys to see how much you are contributing -OR- check out the "Medleys Purchased = Medleys Donated" section of our KSM Gives Back page at  Also, if you have not done so before, you can nominate a local nonprofit to receive a monetary or in-kind donation of our natural Medleys. Thank you so much again for helping us give back! 


Kyra Nicole + KSM Family 


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