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Our Story


Kyra Nicole started making Shea Butter Creams as a UCLA undergraduate when she discovered that nearby stores lacked products for her curly hair. She decided to create her own line to fill this simple need. Kyra's Shea Medleys is woman-owned and led by three African-American entrepreneurs from South Central Los Angeles. From rave reviews from industry influencers to the countless testimonials we receive daily from loyal customers, we aim to become one of the fastest-growing hair and skin care beauty lines in the country all while giving back to under-served communities in need.

What keeps us going? Our faith and the love and support we receive from our family, friends, and every customer that joins our KSM Family. We are first-generation college graduates and first-generation business owners trying to pave the way for our future and the next wave of entrepreneurs. We believe in the scripture that says: 

"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!" (Phil. 4:13). 

Kyra's Shea Medleys is empowering women to embrace their natural curls and love their skin. Pictured is @curlhawkqueen and Danielle Jelks holding our Original Butter Cream.

Why Our Medleys?


Our mission is to empower women to embrace their natural curls and love their skin. Using real and multipurpose ingredients like raw shea butter, aloe vera juice, and coconut oil, every Medley we craft is SHE-approved (Safe, Healthy, and Effective). Our concern isn't the competition, our driving force is making sure we provide you with the best products for your natural hair and skin. YOU are WHY we ARE!

Multipurpose, natural beauty products for hair, face, body, and nails. Vegan and cruelty-free.


Anything you put on your hair should be safe enough to put on your skin and vice versa. We keep that in mind when we handpick our ingredients. We are advocates of simple beauty care because it should NEVER be difficult. Period.

KSM Team

Our KSM Team

Kyra Nicole, CEO & Founder

Kyra Nicole is a Kind, Young, Respectful and Ambitious woman in my 20s who loves to fulfill Needs, Imagine, Create, Optimize, Laugh and Express myself. (That was her attempt at an acrostic poem! LOL!) But really...her heart and personality are too BIG to fit into a box, which may be the reason why she does some of everything at KSM. She refuses to be limited to one thing and has no problem sharing everything she learns (she's just a natural teacher). We asked her what is her life's purpose and this is what she said: "I am on a mission to live by love, hope, and faith in God's plan for me. I channel that energy into KSM as it is my art, my expression, and one aspect of my passion for helping others. It's in my heart and purpose to give back, inspire, show love, educate, encourage and motivate the next group of young entrepreneurs by simply showing that...'It's Possible.'"

John Moore, CMO & Founder

John's life led him up to this role. Born and raised in Watts, CA to his background in finance working at the Federal Reserve and J.P Morgan Chase, his real-world experience as well as first-hand knowledge in the area of finance, operations, and marketing creates the perfect mixture to handle the role of CMO. His ten plus years of outstanding customer service (seriously, he has won multiple awards in this area) is just a bonus. Although his role is predominately behind the scenes, he makes sure that what's in front is the greatest representation of what the KSM brand stands for. He is our knight in shining armor and his weapons of choice: Macbook Pro and Android smartphones!

Michael Moore, Co-Owner

Michael is a great conversationalist who welcomes the idea of engaging in a thought-provoking discussion. Occasionally he likes to sing and write his own songs. He enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and fitness and has a growing interest in that his dating profile is out of the way. ;-) We nicknamed him "Dyna-Mike" because he brings an explosion of humor and passion into every environment, including the nitty-gritty financial stuff that would make others flee. He loves the idea of turning something you conceptualize into an actual interpretation while understanding the beauty of creating, building, and preserving relationships on all levels! He fully embraces his multiple roles and wears them well.