Kyra Shea Queen: Jantenee

Kyra Shea Queen: Jantenee

by Stephanie Taylor on Jul 18, 2018

Think back to when you were a kid. Did your mom, grandmom or auntie sit you down between their legs and braid your hair? Maybe you had a relaxer from a young age, or maybe you rocked your curly cues loose or in ponytails. However, you wore your hair, you probably felt a certain amount of confidence in the style because your mom or “fill in the blank” did your hair. You knew this person cared about you, and therefore, you knew you looked good because you trusted the person.

In adulthood, what if you took this same mentality of reliability and trust with you? Just think of how confident, valued and taken cared of you would feel if you trusted and knew the ingredients in your hair and skin care products. This is the mission of Kyra Shea Medleys- for you to know what you are putting in your hair.

This week’s Kyra Shea Queen, Jantenee, is all about being aware of skin and hair products’ ingredients. KSM’s promise to use natural ingredients is one of the main reasons she decided to try the products. Oh and the smell! It was love at first sniff for Jantenee. Check out her KSM journey below:

Name: Jantenee

Instagram: @Jantenee


How did you find Kyra's Shea Medleys?

At one of my college events. The product was the, and it smelled amazing! I am a sucker for smells. Also, Kyra is sooooo sweet.

What are your FAVORITE KSM products?

Rejuvenation is my favorite. (The Rejuvenation Butter Cream is a seasonal item that will be returning soon.)

How do you use your Medleys?

Both my hair and skin!

How would you describe your hair and/or skin after using KSM products in three words?

Non-oily, soft, not heavy

What is your favorite hairstyle?

Natural, curly afro.

What would you say to a friend to encourage them to try natural beauty care products?

“Would you rather not know about what you're putting in your hair or know what you are putting in your hair?”

Has KSM positively affected your perception of yourself? If so, how?

I feel great when using the product. I feel proud that I support an African American woman. I feel pretty. Plus, it smells pretty.

We greatly appreciate you Jantenee for sharing! Continue to shine like the Queen you are and thank you for allowing Kyra's Shea Medleys to be a part of your natural hair and skin care journey!                                            - Your KSM Family

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