Kyra Shea Queen: Robin

by Stephanie Taylor on Aug 07, 2018

Kyra Shea Queen: Robin

When you were a kid did you ever have a lemonade stand? If so, you put effort into making attractive signage, setting fair prices, and making the best tasting lemonade your block had ever drunken. If you did not sell lemonade, then maybe you were the side hustler kid who sold after-school snacks and candy to your peers. Whatever your brand was, you put effort into making it the best.

If you have ever had a side bustle, business, or brand under your name, you understand the value of creating a product or service that you are proud of. Here at Kyra Shea Medley’s, our mission is to shift the culture by encouraging women to love who they are from hair to toe. We do this by providing all natural hair and skin products that bolster self-care and natural beauty. When Robin discovered this mission and that the company was a black-owned, female run entity, she knew she had to support. This week, we have crowned her a Kyra Shea Queen.

Read on to learn more about Robin’s natural journey and her love for KSM:

Name: Robin

Instagram: @robinc504

How did you find Kyra's Shea Medleys?

Twitter. I follow @Chefresha, and she mentioned how she loved the products and how great they were.  When I saw that it was a black-owned business created by a woman, I had to give it a try!

What are your FAVORITE KSM products?

I love all of the butter, but my faves are Baby Powder Baby Butter, Strawberries N’ Cream Baby Butter, Blueberries N’ Cream Baby Butter, and the Hydrate + Refresh Night Therapy Butter Cream.

How do you use your Medleys?

I use it on my skin only.

How would you describe your hair and/or skin after using KSM products in three words?

Soft, hydrated, and touchable.

What is your favorite hairstyle?

Curly puff

What would you say to a friend to encourage them to try natural beauty care products?

We should use products that work but that are also good for our bodies. Natural products don't contain harmful chemicals that could damage our bodies. You will definitely notice the difference in how your skin and hair look and feel after using these products. Plus, you'll smell good too!

Has KSM positively affected your perception of yourself? If so, how?

It definitely has affected my perception of myself. I know that no matter how small, I can make an impact.

We greatly appreciate you Robin for sharing how KSM has impacted your life! Continue to shine like the Queen you are and thank you for allowing Kyra's Shea Medleys to be a part of your natural hair and skin care journey!                                            - Your KSM Family

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