The New Secret For Perfect Skin & Hair This Summer

by John Moore on May 23, 2019

The New Secret For Perfect Skin & Hair This Summer

Shea Nut Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

Summer is upon us and we all know what that means! The joys and protection of beautiful, moisturized, healthy skin and hair is threatened more than ever. Whether it’s the drying out of skin or hair due to above average heat, heightening of skin irritations that come with the stress of the weather, or build up of fungal bacteria due to perspiration along the epidermis, the summer can be catastrophic for those unprepared.

Shea Butter BenefitsRaw shea butter has been the ingredient choice to "fight back" against the damaging effects of hotter temperatures. Shea Butter has been used for centuries to protect and help restore healthy skin and hair. (Plus it keeps mosquitoes away! 😊) Shea Butter is found in every type of beauty treatments from lotions, balms, cremes, salves, shampoos and conditioners… and that’s not by coincidence. Shea butter is more than proven. Yet here's the problem…

Because shea butter is sensitive to heat (melting), most beauty brands use such small amounts to preserve the consistency of their products which comes at an expense to consumers who end up with products that are stuffed with “fillers” that provide only a small fraction of what actually helps your skin & hair. Plus in its solid form, raw shea butter can be difficult to apply correctly and deeply in the areas of need.

But nature always provides a solution.



Introducing Shea Nut Oil!

When raw shea nuts go through an extracting process to produce shea butter, it produces also a lesser-known nutrient-rich liquid called "shea nut oil." The fatty acids found inside shea nut oil are HIGHLY effective in locking in essential moisture while it’s vitamin A content keeps your skin & hair fresh, soft, and well nourished! Shea Nut Oil is an EXCELLENT source for anti-aging, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that'll keep your skin soothed, healthy and youthful! Since shea nut oil is liquid, that makes it PERFECT for deeply penetrating hair follicles all the way down to the scalp, promoting strength from the tips to the roots, and also can be used as a powerful deep conditioner! Being non-comedogenic, shea nut oil will not clog your pores and is an excellent solution for dry, flaky, and sensitive skin! Best of all... its 100% ALL-NATURAL! 🍃

Shea Nut

It’s literally all the transformative benefits of shea butter found in its “summer proof” easier-to-manage oil form!


Where to find Shea Nut Oil:

Because of the extra process it takes to produce Shea Nut Oil, it also makes it harder to find and less available than shea butter. For all-natural & affordable shea nut oils, use Kyra’s Shea Medleys Shea Nut Oil Medleys” which are rich with vitamins, and essential fatty acids that treats dry skin, hair, and nails, seals moisture, shines dullness, soothes eczema, and combats epidermidis irritations!  

Shea Nut Oil for skin and hair


Take back your summer today! ☀️

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