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Kyra Shea Queen: Nia

Next up in our Queenin Series is our Kyra Shea Queen, Nia. This University of Chicago student and future educator shares her natural hair and skin care story and her love for KSM’s Original Butter Cream. This Kyra Shea Queen has an affinity for cake, travel and hair products made from natural ingredients. Check out her story!

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I am very sorry to have to interrupt anyone’s holiday spirit with this message, but I cannot wait until the New Year to say it: KYRA’S SHEA MEDLEYS DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER SELL SKIN BLEACHING PRODUCTS OR ANY PRODUCT THAT PROMOTES THE OPPOSITE OF YOUR OWN NATURAL BEAUTY OF EITHER YOUR HAIR OR SKIN. WE WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER SELL BULLSHIT LIKE THAT. (Yes, I just cursed, and I am not sorry about it!) “We got the message Kyra, but what made you say this?” Thanks for asking! A few days ago, I received my 3rd inquiry from someone asking if one of our Butter Creams can help lighten their skin because someone told them that it helps with...

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