8 Celebs and Influencers Who Promote Natural Beauty

8 Celebs and Influencers Who Promote Natural Beauty

by Stephanie Taylor on Sep 19, 2018

Role models. Whether actors, politicians, teachers or parents, role models encourage you to dream and be your best self. There’s nothing like a strong, positive role model to lead the way and inspire you to see all that you are capable of doing.

In the natural beauty movement, there are a number of positive role models who are pushing forward the belief that women of color are enough just the way they are. Beautiful, brown skin. Black girl magic. Kinky, curly, wavy luscious hair. These are things worth celebrating- and there are several women of influence who are using their platforms to remind women that they are lovely all natural.

Here are a few celebrities and social media influencers who are promoting natural beauty:

1- Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Leigh-Anne is best known for being one fourth of the British pop sensation, girl group Little Mix. She recently took to her Instagram to show support for natural hair. After her niece made a comment about not liking her natural afro, Leigh-Anne wrote an inspirational message encourage black girls to love their curls.

She is all about encouraging the next generation of girls to embrace and love their hair just as it is. She wrote this post, sharing a image of young fan rocking her natural curls. Her message: “Always, always be proud of that beautiful skin you’re in.”

2- Tiara Willis

Dubbed the beauty champion for women of color, Tiara Willis has grown to become a social media influencer in the beauty world with more than 164,000 followers on Twitter. Her social media platforms bolster empowering messages for women of color mixed with beauty product reviews, beauty techniques for an array of complexions and skin types and makeup tutorials.

Willis celebrates diversity by showcasing inclusive products and pulling out a seat for women of color at the beauty table where they are often overlooked and underrepresented.


3- Jaxyn Harlem

She may be small, but she is mighty. Jaxyn Harlem shot to fame when she and her father, artist Benny Harlem, took to social media to show off their natural hair, and the photos went viral! Jaxyn is a professional children’s runway coach and model who has appeared in Teen Vogue, Vogue Brasil and CR Fashion Book. Her and her father’s message is on self-love and embracing and loving your natural hair.

This naturalista gets it from her daddy (and momma)! The natural movement is a family business!


4- Francheska Medina

This beauty influencer, blogger, public speaker and vlogger is a Jane of all trades. After a battle with a chronic illness and researching alternative medicine, fitness and nutrition, Francheska became a champions for natural products for skin and hair.

She has more than 162,000 followers on Instagram and her own Youtube channel where she offers natural hair and skip tips as well as advice on how to thrive from the inside out. Her positive outlook on life and message on embracing your natural beauty will leave your empowered. Check out her recent vlog on how to create her DIY Mango Vanilla Macadamia Hair & Body Butter in five minutes.

5- Tabitha Tongoi

This Kenyan lifestyle and beauty blogger has used her social media influence to showcase her natural journey. Her blog Craving Yellow takes readers along beauty journey in Melbourne, Australia (where she is based.) So if you need some serious natural beauty inspo, Tabitha is your girl!

Click follow for a hair adviser and serious giver of positive beauty affirmations!

6- Laila-Jean

This beauty blogger shares a wealth of knowledge on beauty and makeup tips with a focus on the natural. Some know her from Instagram as NettyFroFro, but this self-proclaimed #girlboss and content creator will steer you in the right direction for natural skin and hair tips. Check out her Youtube channel FusionofCultures as she spotlights her Ghanaian and Egyptian background and her life in London.

7- Lupita Nyong’o

The Academy award-winning actress who is now outspoken about embracing natural hair was not always so confident. In an interview with Allure magazine, Lupita admits to being teased and feeling unpretty because of her natural hair.

She shares her stylish all natural looks regularly on Instagram. Today, she says with the help of her outstanding hair stylist Vernon Francoi.

“He’s been so helpful, helping me to learn how to really embrace the stuff it can do. It’s like clay in the right hands.

“Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands, but clay can be art in the right hands."

Despite reaching amazing heights of success in modeling and acting, Lupita still faces prejudice for her natural black hair and darker skin. She took to Instagram to call out Grazia UK for photshopping her natural hair in a recent cover shoot. 

8- Christina Patrice

Best known as @maneobjective, this beauty influencer has been all natural for the past five years. She takes to her Instagram page to share her journey from hair styling tips, product recommendations, nutrition advice and a little hair affirmation mixed in, too. Visit her blog at www.maneobjective.com to get in-depth product reviews, natural hair, health, and fitness tips, and so much more!

Follow her #30daysofdope campaign where she in encouraging us all to build better habits to power our best selves. Did we also mention that she is a fellow UCLA alumnus and has one of the dopest sneaker collections? Hands down, we LOVE Christina in every way!

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