Kyra Shea Queen: Kes

Kyra Shea Queen: Kes

by Stephanie Taylor on Sep 05, 2018

Like a forest fire can’t be contained, when something is good, word of mouth can’t help but scatter to the masses. You do this in your everyday life. Have you ever shared a new workout, a blog, a recipe or new restaurant with a friend because it was just SO GOOD! The conversation probably went a little something like, “Girl, you have got to try this xyz. It’s so amazing!”

@Juicesandberries and @curlhawkqueen with Original Butter Cream

Here at Kyra’s Shea Medleys, our goal is to be that trustworthy, amazing, renewing beauty brand that you have to share with the beautiful, black women in your life because it’s just too good not to share! We want to be your go-to for natural skin and hair care. The goal is to provide you a product that you feel confident about and that, in turn, makes you feel confident about yourself.

This month’s Kyra’s Shea Queen is Kes, a freelance makeup artist and beauty and wellness blogger. Kes discovered KSM products through a fellow beauty blogger and social media influencer, Makeup for WOC. She believes in the power of vulnerability, as well as finding a good deal on quality skincare products. Kes says that KSM products leave her feeling nourished, strong and soft, so much so that she can’t help but spread the word.

Read on to learn more about this month’s Kyra Shea Queen’s natural journey and her love for KSM:

Name:  Kes (aka Kes the Best MUA)

Facebook: CallMeKesblog

Instagram: @kesthebestmua

Twitter: CallMeKes

Youtube: CallMeKes



What made you want to try our products?

I won KSM products from the @MakeupforWOC page on Twitter.

What are your FAVORITE KSM products?

I have a lot of favorites- Lavender + Rosehip oil, Rose Water and Growth+ Restore Butter Cream (infused with lavender butter).

How do you use your Medleys?

I use it on both my hair and skin!

How would you describe your hair and/or skin after using KSM products in three words?

Nourished, strong, soft

What is your favorite hairstyle?


What would you say to a friend to encourage them to try natural beauty care products?

Your hair and skin cooperate when you give them food (products) they like to eat.

Has KSM positively affected your perception of yourself? If so, how?

It's affirming to see KSM in stores because I know the brand was made specifically for black women by Black women. It's awesome seeing black women from a major city accomplish such greatness!


We greatly appreciate you Kes for sharing how KSM has impacted your life! Continue to shine like the Queen you are and thank you for allowing Kyra's Shea Medleys to be a part of your natural hair and skin care journey!                                            - Your KSM Family

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For more from the author, Stephanie Taylor, check out her blog, Life as Told by an Upcoming, Twenty-Something.

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