How we found purpose in a box…

How we found purpose in a box…

by John Moore on Feb 14, 2018

When we started Kyra’s Shea Medleys (a natural hair and skincare line), shortly after appearing on Good Morning America, we knew the majority of our business would come from e-commerce. In person, we’d always be able to add a personalized touch to our customer service. The challenge then was figuring out how to deliver more than just “products” but an overall experience… online.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

We went through many ideas and concepts on how to communicate a feeling whether that was through our packaging, design, additional treats inside each package, etc. After many long nights, the lightbulb went off. We figured that we could include an encouraging affirmation mini-card that could bring smiles to those who set their eyes on them. From affirmations of LOVE, JOY, HOPE, PEACE, and many more, we wanted to make them as authentic and personal as possible. Sitting down one night in my own words I began to write from the heart affirmations I felt could feed one’s soul. Once finished we printed and cut them out and individually began dropping them in each box. Then as time went on… we began to notice something interesting.

Placed inside each box was a personalized affirmation/encouragement mini-card. (Customer photo)

Normally we always received great reviews and customer snapshots of our products but slowly people began to include the note cards in the shots. But it became even more apparent what those cards meant to people during one particular time. Roughly for around a week we forgot to print them out. Still wanting to deliver great customer service by getting their packages to our customers soon as possible we thought, “Well let’s not delay the delivery process by waiting on a new batch of cards to be printed. We should get the orders still out on time.” So we sent the boxes out only missing those mini-cards… and the emails started coming in...

“Where’s the little cards at?”
“Is there any way you could send one of the cards on the side?”
“I’ll order again but can you please include a card in the package.”
Placed on top, we wanted to the cards to be the first thing they saw. (Customer photo)

Honestly, we had no clue of how impactful they were on those who ordered from us and how much people began looking forward to them. Curious about it all, we decided to ask some of our customers how they genuinely felt about them. And the response was surprising to say the least. We began to receive pictures of people who had those cards hanging off their refrigerators so they could read them each morning. Others had them taped to their computer screens at work as a reminder in the middle of their day. Some were giving them to loved ones as a token of affection. Touchingly, others would even say how they were a much-needed word that brought tears to their eyes. We sought out to make people “feel good” but didn’t realize we transitioned to impacting people’s lives.

Another customer keeping them taped to their computer screen at work. (Customer photo)

Since we always would put one card at random in a package, after time the golden question finally starting being asked from multiple requests…

“Can I just purchase the entire set of cards from you guys?”

Being so focused on Kyra’s Shea Medleys, the entire concept and idea floated around for 2 years: A pack of encouragement/affirmation mini-cards that anyone could incorporate in their everyday lives. After more emails, requests, and testimonials started pouring in at an even higher rate, the time to turn a concept into a reality finally made itself visible.

Introducing “The Sead Box.” (Sow. Engrain. Act. Develop.)

20 mini-cards (“seads”), each uniquely worded from the next, crafted to serve as ray on sunshine tucked right into your wallet. An oasis of positivity carried right in your purse. A vacation of self-love accompanying you throughout your workday. A slice of encouragement you can pass to your loved ones as they start their daily journey. A much-needed breather passed into the hand of a stranger. However, you choose to use them know that our main purpose is to elevate what people believe, speak, think and feel about themselves… one “sead” at a time.

Based on a minimalistic design, each pack of 20 easy-to-read cards is placed into a kraft gift box, firmly bound by natural twine, placed onto cotton inner padding with its own personal antique brass shovel charm symbolizing new “seads” being sown. Each card is especially worded to serve as a “two-way” affirmation that can effortlessly be used in the form of affirmations to self, or when passed out, a declaration of affection towards whomever receives them.

         “Small gestures can have a big impact. Create where it matters.”

Sow into your life. Engrain them into your being. Act on those affirmations. Develop into your highest self.


  • Amarimba
    Apr 01, 2018 at 14:41

    I’ve used these cards for my vision board and look forward to receiving them with my order. This was a great idea to have them available as a set.


  • Tomeekha
    Mar 02, 2018 at 22:13

    I love this story! You all are a gift to the this world!!!


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