Queenin' Series: Uplifting Natural Beauty

Queenin' Series: Uplifting Natural Beauty

by Stephanie Taylor on Jun 26, 2018

Exciting news Kyra’s Shea Medleys family! We are launching a new blog series called Queenin’, where we will feature YOU and your natural journeys with skin and hair care. Each week in our newsletter, we will crown a new Kyra Shea Queen!

So who is a Kyra Shea Queen exactly? Founder and CEO of KSM, Kyra Young explains that a Kyra Shea Queen does not alter her hair or use harmful products on her skin in order to fit into societal standards of beauty nor will she put down another woman for not fitting into her own. A Kyra Shea Queen uplifts other women and encourages them to embrace their skin and hair all natural.

A Kyra Shea Queen is a woman who has decided that her curls and her skin, in their natural glory, are enough,” Young says. “She understands that whether her hair curls, kinks, coils, waves, or zig-zags or whether her skin is dry, oily or somewhere in between, she is beautifully and wonderfully made just the way she is.”

When it comes to being natural, for years women of color have been told that our hair is just too different. In order to be accepted or loved, we needed to change it and essentially change ourselves. With the natural hair and skin care movement at an all-time high, there have been great strides in shifting the culture to encourage women to love who we are from hair to toe. The Kyra Shea Medleys family is saying no more to fitting into societal norms! We want women to love their God-given hair and skin!

“It is a blessing to see more and more us going back to our natural roots (pun intended) each day,” says Young. “For us to continue on this path of self-care and community love, it is important that we tell our natural hair and skin care stories simply because they matter.”

Whether you are fully natural, transitioning or just contemplating the idea of going back to natural, our hope is that the Kyra Shea Queens’ stories can help foster positive, healthy decisions in the process. We need each other and our stories are the bridge to create that connection!

Without further ado, introducing the first-ever Kyra Shea Queen!




Name: Tre’Nise

Instagram: @niecybaybee

How did you find Kyra's Shea Medleys?

Natural hair expo at CSUDH

What are your FAVORITE KSM products?


How do you use your Medleys?

Both on my hair and skin!

How would you describe your hair and/or skin after using KSM products in 3 words?

Soft and moisturized

What is your favorite hairstyle?

Wash and Go

What would you say to a friend to encourage them to try natural beauty care products?

They will change your whole outlook on your natural hair and the natural hair care regime.

Has KSM positively affected your perception of yourself? If so, how?

Yes! Since I am a vegan and natural, KSM has helped me embrace my natural hair and the woman I am. I love being a part of a community that uplifts black women and encourages the embodiment of being natural.

We greatly appreciate you Tre’Nise for sharing! Continue to shine like the Queen you are and thank you for allowing Kyra's Shea Medleys to be a part of your natural hair and skin care journey!                                            - Your KSM Family 

If you want to be featured next, please click here to fill out our KSM Queenin’ Survey. Of course, you will also receive something special for your participation.

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